During this week’s online worship we will be celebrating communion. We will remember once
again that even when we are not physically in shared space together, we are still part of a

If you weren’t able to pick up prepared communion elements from the church or if you don’t
live in the Des Moines metro area but worship with us online, you are welcome to participate in
communion by preparing some juice or wine or even some water and some bread or crackers
and to have them available for worship.

I would encourage you this week to worship online sometime during the 9:00-10:00 a.m. hour
on Sunday morning, so that as many of us that can do so are sharing communion at the same
time. If you are not able to worship online on Sunday morning, I would still invite and
encourage you to celebrate communion during the online service whenever you are able to
watch it.

Communion is a part of the worship experience and should be an outgrowth of worship and as
a “Response to the Word”. However if you are unable to worship online at all this week, you
are welcome to use the liturgy provided, which is an adaptation of what we will use in worship
this week.

In whatever way you worship this week and in whatever way you celebrate communion, May
the Lord be with you…