During this week’s online and in-person worship services we will be celebrating communion.

If you are planning on worshipping in-person, the communion liturgy will be included as a part of the worship service and will be towards the end of the service.  Prepackaged communion elements will be distributed at the conclusion of the worship service as you leave the sanctuary.  Weather permitting, for those who choose to do so, we will be receiving communion together in the parking lot.  Or, if you would prefer, you are welcome to take the prepackaged communion elements home and receive them at home.

If you are planning on worshipping online, you can still pick up prepared communion elements, from the church office this Thursday between 8:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.  If you don’t live in the Des Moines metro area but are worshipping with us online, or if you are unable to stop by the church office, you are welcome to prepare ahead of time by having available some juice or wine and some bread or crackers when you watch the service.

If you aren’t able to worship either online or in-person this week, you may use the liturgy below, either with prepared communion elements from the church or with your own bread/crackers and juice/wine, as a way of participating in this act of worship as a part of the Aldersgate community.   

Communion Liturgy