A panel of three faith leaders answers questions on their 1) perspectives about the hindrances to anti-racism in 2021, 2) experiences of being a Black person in Iowa, 3) the influences of faith and the Christian tradition on anti-racism work, 4) anti-racist actions they are taking, and 5) suggested actions for viewers. 

Recorded in early February 2021, the panelists include Rev. LaTonya Calderon, serving  Stuart & Mt Vernon United Methodist Churches and 2022 General Conference delegate; Rev. Abraham Funchess, pastor of Jubilee United Methodist Church Freedom Center and Executive Director of Waterloo Commission on Human Rights; and Elle Dowd, a native of Urbandale, IA, who now preaches, writes, and teaches in Chicago, IL.  

The recording was hosted by the Aldersgate United Methodist Church (Urbandale, IA) Faith and Race Task Group:  Danielle Rossell (panel moderator), Kaj Sinclair, Alicia Wells, Rev. Brian Carter, Rita Carter and Rev. Eric Guy,