This fall, Sunday morning learning will be structured around several blocks of 4-week classes. Classes will begin at 10:15am, following our Sunday morning worship service, and all facilitators and participants will be asked to practice social distancing and wear masks. Our first 4-week block will begin on September 26 and extend through October 17. Our children’s class will be using Cokesbury’s Celebrate Wonder curriculum again this year. All children ages 3-11 are welcome. For all youth and adults ages 12 and up, we will be offering two classes during our first 4-week unit. Information about each of these classes is listed below. If you have any questions about our learning opportunities, please contact Danielle.

Animate: Practices – Led by Mary Burkett in Room 126 or Fellowship Hall

Animate classes will include short video lessons created and taught by contemporary theologians like Shane Claiborne, Brian McLaren, and Doug Pagitt. Video lessons will be followed by a peer-led discussion. Classes will be held on Sunday morning following worship at 10:15am.

The Four Gospels – Led by Pastor Eric in the Wesley Room

How are the gospels similar? How is each unique? What might the gospel writers be trying to communicate to their specific communities? Why should it matter to us? Each week, the class will look at one of the gospels primarily. Week 1 – Mark; Week 2 – Matthew; Week 3 – Luke; Week 4 – John. This class will be offered at two times each week—over Zoom on Thursdays at noon for those who prefer to attend online, and at 10:15am on Sundays, following the morning worship service, for those who prefer to attend in-person.