ALdersgate UMC Staff

  • Pastor Jon Bailey

    Area of Ministry: One of the most exciting parts of my job is the ability to sit down with those who are members, or first time guests, and get to know their life’s story.  I strongly believe that we are called as Christians to walk a path not of solitude but of community.  I see my job at Aldersgate UMC is to build community in every form that I can.  Community centered around having fun together, community centered around worshiping together, community centered around serving with each other.  Through this process I revel in the ability of God to not only display who God’s own self is, but to help us gain a better understanding of who we are.

    I love my job because I am employed to get to know people on a deeper level and employed to show those persons God’s love.

    Activities: home improvement projects, woodworking, biking, camping and nature, and watching movies

    Education: Masters of Divinity from Perkins School of Theology, B.A. in Religious Studies from Simpson College
    Ordained Elder in the Iowa Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church

  • Megan Stange

    Children and Family Ministries

  • Theresa Constable

    Area of Ministry: The most interesting part of being the office manager is the people.  People in the congregation, in the community and on the staff.  Listening and watching as they share their talents, gifts and love for others and being in the midst of such an awesome congregation and staff.

    Interests: A few of the things I enjoy other than my job are reading, walking, yoga, dogs, playing with a router saw, and spending time with my family and friends.

    Educational Background: Graduated from the American Institute of Business in 1976 with an associate’s degree in office management and computers.

  • Eve Copeland-Clark

    Interim Music Coordinator

    I enjoy a wide variety of music genres, was a classroom teacher in the Des Moines Public Schools for several years, received my Bachelor of Music Education degree from the University of Dubuque, and Master of Music from Western Michigan University.

    Usually, I can be found at a keyboard at AMC enjoying the opportunity of making music with others (although I’ve been known to sing and dabble with other musical instruments, as well).  My favorite scripture is Proverbs 3: 4 – 7, applied; the power of the Holy Spirit never fails to amaze. I consider music a great way to pray.

    If I could live anywhere, it’d be right here in Des Moines, Iowa:  incredible scenery, Iowa “nice”, and great food.  Two favorites about my career are music and helping bring people forward to share their artistic talents with others. If I could only eat one meal for the rest of my life it’d probably be vegetables and fish. If money were no object I’d be having fun distributing it where I thought it would do the most good.