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Aldersgate UMC has so many wonderful ministries going on between its walls and out in the community surrounding it. A system of accountability, decision making, and team building is essential to our ministries. In this last year Aldersgate UMC underwent a structural change to its committees which resulted in the formation of one Steering Committee. This was at the bequest of the Ad Council, a task force, and decided on at a Charge Conference. The Steering Committee is designed to;

  1. To create healthy teams and not silos for our ministries: We want to avoid ministries being run, lead, and operated by a single person because it creates a dynamic of “burn out.” The concern is multiplied when no one is trained to take over when the siloed person can no longer perform the ministry actions.
  2. To effectively promote the use of times and talents of our parishioners: Our ministries work by the generosity of time, energy, and money of its parishioners—which can be limited resources. When task groups are oriented and set loose towards persons passions they can play a vital role in our ministry. We believe in reducing time being spent in committee meetings just for the sake of a committee meetings by focusing on tasks that persons are called to complete.
  3. To provide accountability/ transparency: We believe in a structure of accountability and transparency. The ministry person closest to the impact of a ministry typically make the best decision for that particular ministry. Still, there are decisions need to be made which effect the workings, structure, or systems of our church—those are decisions that need healthy discussion, transparency, and a variety of voices. These believes are different than a body of persons simply providing a stamp of approval. Accountability and Transparency are also different than setting up systems of red tape to be sorted through. We believe that the Steering Committee should focus on the structural and systemic decisions that effect our ability to do ministry well into the future.
  4. To care for the Mission and Vision of the Church: Every church has a particular culture that it cultivates over its years—sometimes shifting, many times staying distinct. This culture is a product of the churches Mission and Vision. When there is a subpar Mission and Vision there is a subpar culture. When the Mission and Vision are nurtured and cared for the culture is healthy in its ministries. We believe there needs to be a group caring for the Mission and Vision of the church. This should not be left to one person, pastor, or staff person alone—it is a collection of the community of faith.

Because of all these findings, the task force has taken a look at our church committee structures and recommends, in consultation with the District Superintend and in study of several other churches, a single board task oriented model. We propose that the Steering Committee be made up of persons from every area of ministry (Building & Grounds, Missions & Outreach, Finance, Personnel, Growing & Evangelism, Caring & Discipleship) in conjunction with the Lead Pastor, Steering Committee Chair, and Lay Leader.

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