Pastor's Note

The last couple of weeks in these newsletter articles I’ve been including prayers from the Daily Praise and Prayer services found in the United Methodist Book of Worship. There are four services found in the Book or Worship: An Order for Morning, Midday, Evening, and Night. The prayer below is from An Order for Evening Praise and Prayer.

We praise and thank you, O God,

for you are without beginning and without end.

Through Christ, you created the whole world;

through Christ, you preserve it.

You made the day for the works of light

and night for the refreshment of our minds and bodies.

Keep us now in Christ; grant us a peaceful evening,

a night free from sin; and bring us at last to eternal life.

Through Christ and in the Holy Spirit,

we offer you all glory, honor, and worship,

now and forever. Amen.

                                                                                                                                     (Liturgy of Evening Prayer, Syria, 4th Century)

Whatever events your day today has held – and whenever your evening tonight can begin – may you experience “refreshment of your mind and body” and be granted “a peaceful evening”

Peace –